January 30, 2003

Happy Chinese New Year from Coffee Monkeys

Wishing everyone good will and prosperity.

chinese New Year 2003 - Vicky Lee - kaykays.com

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January 29, 2003

Ocean with his big stein

Yes, I am back everyone! This strip shows Ocean with his huge stein, which we brought back with us as a pressie for him from my trip to Frankfurt.
One thing I want to stress on, there is no plot in this strip. Just strips of comics on experiences that I come across and find funny, so I decide to draw it and upload it here. :) It also helps me practise my drawing skills and intro to digital colouring.


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January 25, 2003


(mick here again)

Oisin likes to go swimming. So does monkey. Of course since the pool is in the city centre it isn't very big so Oisin occasionally hits his head. Monkey doesn't have those problems so he can swim as much as he wants.


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January 18, 2003


Mick here, just posting a new strip for Vicky. Sorry for the lack of comics Vicky is currently in the land of no bandwidth (the West).

Have no idea what this on is about, something about me and butterflies. I think its a very fetching smeg on me though :)


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January 17, 2003


Really sorry for no updates. I was in HK the last 2 weeks in December. But came home early for unexpected reasons and I am still in Limerick. Will update comic when I get a chance once I am back in Dublin (Should be next Sunday, 27th Jan). So just have a re-goo at my old comics in the archives.

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