December 13, 2002

Happy Christmas from Coffee Monkeys

I am off to HK next Tues, so I am uploading my Coffee Monkeys' Christmas special.

From everyone in Coffee Monkeys: "Merry Christmas and a Fantastic New Year!!!"


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December 11, 2002


Yeah, two out of our three Coffee Monkey buddies are part-time cavers (potholers) in their spare time. So the following is dedicated to these caving buddies for this once off comic starring Panda.

They keep insisting that there are no creepy-crawlies in caves. This is what I think!


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December 08, 2002

November Special Guest

This month's special guest of my brother.


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December 01, 2002

Mick in Germany

Taking a break from hard work. The strip is a few months behind, but this was a snapshot of Mick while he is was in Frankfurt, Germany.


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