February 24, 2003

Recent Cold Snap

It was cold, so coold!

Brr.... I hate that big blue arrow, which is the cold wind.. And poor Monkey can see this Big Blue Arrow coming towards us literally! But seriously, we all need a nice holiday somewhere out of this country... aah...yes...Crete! Nice weather, and not Ireland! Heh... but for now, let's just wrap up warm.


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February 19, 2003

The demo went OK

Yay! After much hard work the demo was a success!

Mick was just like "No Sweat!". Ocean is still "Where am I?" stage, and Kiffer is just exhausted from his adrenaline rush... Well done, guys!


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February 14, 2003

Monkey says...

(Since monkey is the only one free in the company, the rest are hard at work...)


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February 10, 2003

Demo Day!!!

EoC's first demo day.

Not a problem for Mick. Ocean is a bit dazed, and doesn't know where and what is going on! And Kiffer is just a wee bit worried! How will the demo go for our 3 friends? Find out in the next strip...


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February 02, 2003

How EoC gets their ideas?

The secret....

... Monkey, of course! (Ok, Static Panda)


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