November 29, 2002

Day 11 in the Monkey House

So this is how EoC Inc. gets their ideas...

...From monkey of course. Monkey ideas, the monkey madness. That is where the money lies....


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Oops, forgot to update!

Sorry folks. I was a little busy (and not the fact that the machine which I was working on was taken over by a guest this week ;) ) with a project I am working on and I have blogged in my personal blog. And ok, I admit it, I was a wee bit addicted to the quizzes:
And it all started here -

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November 20, 2002

Day 10 in the Monkey House

I quite liked the movie "Spiderman", that is why the next strip (jolly fun!) is Kiffer laughing at poor Spidey! (Coffee Monkeys strip to Spidey...har-har)


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November 15, 2002

Day 9 in the Monkey House

This is Ocean with his monkey friend, Monkey, again!

They make a good partners in crime, eh? You can say that Monkey is also one of Ocean's consciences. Monkey helps with the organising, resolving programming problems etc... Basically, santa has his little helpers, Monkey is Ocean's little helper. :-p


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November 12, 2002

Day 8 in the Monkey House

So one of our budding entrepeneur is getting down to serious work...

...with the help of Monkey of course on their first of many projects! Of course, how can our monkey friend not encounter micro$oft probs. :-p


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November 10, 2002

Special Guest

I will have special guest stars in Coffee Monkey once in awhile (whenever suits me) So who is this special guest?

The guy with the super ego aura is of course is one of Mick's friends. The one who can pick up any chick he can in, ahem, "Coyote". He who likes Eddie Rockets (also known as Empty your Pockets"). Say a nice "Hello!" to Neil.


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November 09, 2002

Day 7 in the Monkey House

Ok, so this is not exactly "in the monkey house", but just like to keep the titles consistent (for now :) )!!!

Some days are happy for our young friends, but other days are... how shall I put it, a "bit" stressful. To show all you Coffee Monkey readers what I mean, here is "a monkey on Ocean's back"! And "a monkey on someone's back" if I understand right is someone under stress and/or pressure.


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November 06, 2002

Day 6 in the Monkey House

My, my. What are our 3 friends upto today?

Seems like they are having a teeny weeny problem with investments on their spreadsheet. This was around the time EoC wanted to open an internet cafe, and were putting down assets and expenses on a spreadsheet to see where they stand. And were they seeing red! Well, this was an initial action plan, but quickly flew out the window.


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November 04, 2002

Day 5 in the Monkey House

So here begins our 3 friend's journey to a new life of "MANAGEMENT" :) That is for taking the mickey out of me, "I am not a manager!!!" Anyhoo, back to the comic... And now Engines of Creation has been born.


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