October 31, 2002

Happy Halloween - Part Deux

Coffee Monkey's proud to present today's special guest...

MONKEY! Happy Halloween!


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Happy Halloween - Part One

Whizz-bang-boom! That's what I have been hearing all day. So Happy Halloween from Coffee Monkeys!!!

I'll let you guess who is :
a) Mick
b) Ocean
c) Chris
Check out the next strip... I have a special guest..bwuahahaa


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October 27, 2002

Day 4 in the Monkey House

Ok, so the last strip did not *really* make sense, and give an indication that they are embarking on a mission : To setup their own company. Well, this is really how things sort of got moving, my monkey friends... in the pub, as any good business ideas originates from.

A monkey puzzle, which of our three friends had the following drinks?
a) Guinness
b) Red Bull
c) Smirnoff Ice
Answers in next strip -- whykay


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October 24, 2002

Day 3 in the Monkey House

Suffering from dilerious sunstroke, 2 of our 3 friends were doing some unusual business conversation!
Yes, boys and girls, this is how our monkey friends start out on their adventures in setting up a company. How blindingly obvious! :)


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October 22, 2002

Day 2 in the Monkey House

This is the beginning of how 3 friends got together and decided to set up their own company. And the guys have kindly introduced themselves... Some of the stories are real (and some aren't), I will let you guess which ones... so here it goes, so let the adventure begin in the next strip!


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Day 1 in the Monkey House

Got some sort of web page to hold the Coffee Monkey web comic! It has taken me 2 months, so 1 Monkey day equals 2 human months! I am talking complete tripe here. But here is my first comic strip anyway. It's me. But the main stars are coming up next.


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