June 11, 2006
Getting things off my chest

Maybe it's the weather, maybe it's the effects after a long journey from Limerick to Dublin. What I did not want to hear is some scanger shouting out the car as it went past as we are heading back to the appartment was "Go back to China". Now normally I would ignore this, but I really wanted to shout "Up Munster!", or "Go back to the crap hole whenst you came!" (that one is pretty hard of the eejit was in a car), or "I can't I am not a Chinese citizen, I'm Irish!". Well, as I said I am not sure why that gobshite got on my nerves . One thing for sure... if that person knew his foreign affairs, and economics of the world today, everyone is scrambling to China. See link to article in one of my previous blog entry. I would be lucky to head to Hong Kong to get a job, it was one of my dreams to end up in the highest office of a highrise office building. Since HK is part of China now, it's sort of correct to say, heading back to China. I feel sorry for the poor sod. Generalising anyone who is Asian looking. I could be a American or Canadian or Austrailian or British or any of the major places HK immigrants would go to nowadays. Well, now that is off my chest, I feel happier now.

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Posted by whykay at June 11, 2006 09:03 PM