June 04, 2006
Chinese information available for pregnant women in Mayo

(From Western People) Multi-cultural leaflet to assist pregnant women in the West

A UNIQUE intercultural leaflet for pregnant women has been launched at the Maternity Department of Mayo General Hospital. The first ever multilingual project of its kind, the leaflet focuses on what women need to bring to the hospital and meets the needs of women using the maternity services whose first language is not English. The literature, which is available in six different languages is the first of its kind in the country and uses large illustrations thoughout to show the such informations as items needed after delivery, contact details for relevant professionals and translation services.

It's also available in Polish, Spanish, Russian, French and Portugese.

I just wish that Traditional Chinese is available as well as Simplified in all the public information that is proliferated.

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Posted by whykay at June 04, 2006 09:20 AM