June 17, 2006
Chinese Sign at Chemist in Dublin

Chinese Sign at Chemist in Dublin, originally uploaded by whykay.

Saw this at the chemist at the Jervis LUAS stop. Anyone know what it means? Welcome, I am guessing? And something else. It's in Simplified Chinese as well.

UPDATE from Derek via Flickr:

You probably already know the meaning of
中国??" (can't see the last 2 chars clearly).
welcome all
China (Chinese) ??)"


the second last one is 顾 but I don't know what the last one is! There is a word 顾客, which means customer, but the last character in the photo is not 客! It has a 日 on the bottom. I'll have to ask a chinese person!

Final update... (Thanks, Derek and friends)

As I thought, the last one is 客, confirmed by 2 Chinese people.
So, it is:
欢迎光临 huanying guanlin
欢迎所有 huanying suoyou
中国顾客 zhongguo guke
Which means:
Welcome!! (sort of like welcme to our shop)
Welcme all
Chinese customers!

Posted by whykay at June 17, 2006 08:38 PM