January 20, 2003

[Culture] China ready for the coffee culture

Found this article china.org's article "Chinese Ready for Coffee Culture. Starbucks says that they happily welcome the competition. ;) But just hope they use real milk. I remember having Blu Mountain coffee in HK, and they don't use proper milk and the coffee tasted cack. I am sure the coffee is fine, but not with the milk they used. I noticed a greasy layer on the surface of the coffee after adding the milk. An even wierder experience was in Spaghetti House in MongKok. The milk was actually boiled! That too gave a greasy layer in the surface of a truly awful coffee (not sure was this even ranking in the University coffee leve!!!). Just hope this new chain is just as good as Starbucks. This chain is calledCoffee Beanery.

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