January 20, 2003

[Culture] Chinese novels

So, I don't know enough Chinese words to read a Chinese novel. Hmph! Therefore I am setting out to see if I can get translated novels (I know it is not the same, translation of one language to another always loses meaning of what the author is writing about). But until I get a grasp of the Chinese ideographs, this will do for now.
Here is a site I found with some classic literature for sale (whole set), but unfortunately are in Chinese only. But there are 2 novels that are in English. I will place more links up to similar sites in later blogs. Oh and this site also hosts some fan fiction as well. Jin Yong's Reading Room.

Fun to find out about some classic stories, check here - http://www.china-on-site.com/. This is a Chinese culture guide which includes some literature (includes some comic strips).

Some philosphical stories - Zen Stories. Simple pictures illustrating the stories.

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