February 02, 2010
For all those who travel.. some changes

Dublin airport is changing its boarding gate numbers.

Pier D will convert to a 100 number range

Pier A will be renamed in a 200 number range

Pier B will be in a 300 number range

The new Pier E, which is part of T2 and is due to open in November, will have boarding gates in the 400 range.

And the other thing to be aware, mainly if you are travelling through UK, body scans at Heathrow yesterday. If you are picked for scans and you refuse, then you are not entitled to fly. It was voluntary. Manchester has the scanner as well.

Other EU airports are bringing it in as well, i.e. France and Italy. The article mentions that Schiphol airport has 15 scanners.

Oh whoop-dee-doo, joys of travelling. Holidaying to relax, not if you fly.

Posted by whykay at February 02, 2010 01:31 PM