January 14, 2006
Lee Ga Kuen

Just recently my brother has brought up an interesting conversation (albeit over text messaging), he mentioned about our family kungfu style called Lee Ga Kuen, otherwise know as 'Lee's Family Fist' and is part of Choy Lee Fut style.

Our current generation do not practise it, my dad said it is terribly tough and hours upon hours of training needs to be invested in it (given his own experience back then).

I just wonder out of curiousity, are there any Chinese familes out there that has their own family kungfu style, and if they are still practising it.

It's such a pity that my brothers and I don't know it, or more of it. Only bits and pieces from talking to dad. I can tell you, it's one brutal form of martial arts! And that is probably why dad rather us (if we wanted to take up martial arts) do Tai Chi or Wing Chun. They are good for our health, and are more defensive than the more offensive (and often fatal) styles of KungFu. Since nowadays people taking up martial arts are for recreational and health reasons than for self-defense (not getting beaten up in the alleys in the 60s and 70s by other folks who practice KungFu as well, it does not just happen in movies from what I heard).

Posted by whykay at January 14, 2006 01:42 PM