January 09, 2006
[NEWS] What has been happening?

I have not done this for awhile, but not much good news out there, I'm afraid.

Start off with Racists attacks on takeaway delivery people, there has been reported attacks around Dublin over the Christmas period. I am sure there are more around the country. This is not just aimed at Chinese, any non-national attacks have occured as well. But so few are being reported, which I think is a shame. Given that some are afraid to report incidents, I suppose even people who are not immigrants don't report incidents all the time.

A man got arrested for pirating DVDs, for shame is all I could say. Even in Hong Kong, there were less pirated stuff for sale.

And now for something utterly expensive : €12-a-cup of tea is being sold by Harrod's! It's Oolong that can be rebrewed upto 7 times. I am sure the tea shop owner in Tai Po Market would appreciate it. I don't know the name of the street, but it is near Fu Shin Street.

Posted by whykay at January 09, 2006 08:17 PM