August 28, 2005
Irish Chinese Societies

So I was looking at our IBC site one day and noticed that one of the co-ordinators from the CICA (Chinese Irish Cultural Academy) had posted up information about the show in Dun Laoighaire. To be quite honest I hadn’t a clue who the CICA were at all! So then I was looking up Chinese Irish societies in Dublin and I found that there’s actually quite a few of them.

The CICA is an organisation set up by enthusiastic artists and educators in 2004. Their goal is to preserve and promote the Chinese performing arts and culture in Irish society today. They have performed in many places including Arnotts (Tsunami Aid), Smithfields (Chinese New Year) and Dun Laoighaire Festival of World Cultures. The link to their website is

They plan to hold a celebration in Phoenix Park on 17th/18th of September which will include story telling, games and performances by their dancers. More information on this will be posted up later!

The Ireland China Association is based mainly on enterprise. They were founded in 2000 and their objective is to bring Irish and Chinese business people together in hopes of exploring business opportunities and making business contacts. They organise many meals among their members and also have briefings and seminars.
They also have a student section to their organisation which is open to students of all nationalities.

The Irish Chinese Contact Group is a group set up to help people who are considering adopting a child from China. Originally from Cork, they started out with only 3 members but have now over 200. They meet regularly and hold workshops etc for their members.

The Asian Institute is a group which aims to create good business relationships between Irish and Chinese people. They also hope to bring an appreciation of Chinese culture to their members. They have good connections with the other Chinese Irish societies and have a list of different events coming up during the year, cultural and business included.
Looking at their website, there are a few very very interesting articles writing by Dr Dan Mason. A little bit like a blog but not quite.

The Irish Chinese Cultural Society is a group which hopes to bring mutual understanding between Irish and Chinese peoples. It has been run for many years and has many prominent members including Dr Katherine Chan Mullen.

There is also the Irish Chinese Information Centre which is based in Fitzwilliam Sq.

So looking briefly (if it’s possible) at all the societies, it seems they all have the same general aim and that’s to bring Irish and Chinese people together!

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