August 06, 2005
Chinese equivalent to "Otaku"?

You know, I love gadgets... not sure if this is the case for Asian/Oriental girls born abroad?!? But I grew up with consoles, plathera of gadgets, you name it. Where am I coming with all this? Well, I saw this Indo article about "Otakus" knuckling down on all things to do with Otaku for Top 100 Otaku exam (need reg to read.. tis free tho'). Basically it's Japanese for male geeks, not sure why there is no work for female geeks (or is there?). I wonder if there is an equivalent of the word "geek", "male geek" or "female geek" in Chinese (Cantonese if possibile! Heh!).

Oh, found this... 1st page of the exam and the site itself

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Posted by whykay at August 06, 2005 07:14 PM