June 22, 2004

So is it true that alot of Asian women like Beckham? The highlights of the euro 2004 have reminded me of the last time I went HK and someone asked me if I had met Beckham before (gosh they think that Ireland and Britain are 2 minutes away from each other)

So there were these women going crazy because Beckham was on screen at the hairdressers. If they had gone anymore mad they would have cut something other than hair. Also sounds like the Japanese went CRAZY when he visited it. I'm not surprised. Good looks, loads of money and an amazing talent, wouldn't he be a catch (oh lucky Victoria).

So what's the big fuss all about? After watching the Croatia and England match just now, well Beckham is treated like royalty, his foot is too good for the ball? Foul for a minor touch? What's your view on this?

post your replies and ideas here!


Posted by treetypie at June 22, 2004 12:48 AM