June 18, 2004
[NEWS]Irish President Condemns Racism

Irish President Praises Chinese and Condemns Racism

Hmm, on the side, about the elections about the yes and no vote. My father told me something interesting... why was my mom's name on the registered list, and yet she did not receive the register voting card. (By the way, it's her Chinese name). And why did my dad not get a yes/no vote slip? Even though he had 2 register card, one with his English name and one with his Chinese name. And the one with the Chinese name did not have the yes/no vote slip, and the other with the English name did. And on top, why did my brother and I have the yes/no slip (registered in our English names). The folks at the voting poll centres did not even care... Why? One has to wonder. Common sense dictate what is going on here. Land of welcomes? Really now. Very sly way of showing it.

Posted by whykay at June 18, 2004 01:22 PM