May 01, 2004
[NEWS] Trial of Vietnamese Temple Bar death

Came across this as I was reading the Indo, Chinese face daily abuse, murder trial told, and I did a search for this item, and found the following...
29/04/2004 - 17:35:35 - Doormen accused of Vietnamese man's murder
30/04/2004 - 12:31:25 - Juror discharged from murder trial
30/04/2004 - 19:00:06 - Chinese man gives evidence at murder trial

Now what the indo missed out was this one line I found from news (last link above) - "if you want to take a piss find a f**king toilet". Hmm, now not that I am taking sides, but would this warrant a possible fact that there was some sort of misunderstanding before this brawl started?

And why are Asians only appearing in the news here in Ireland, only when bad things happen?

Posted by whykay at May 01, 2004 10:44 AM