December 06, 2002
Article on HK chinese view on non-Chinese

Found a good article showing how HK Chinese feel about non-Chinese people in HK, and how biased they are to overseas born Chinese who has full qualifications in teaching English. If a foreign white person with the same qualifications is favoured over the overseas Chinese person.
It shows how HK Chinese are finding it harder to cope and adapt to other cultures in HK. When Chinese people move abroad, we adapt then, to the culture we move in. We learn the language, and adopt the way things are done. But we like to be quietly accepted by the locals. We don't make a fuss, complain as much (but that does not mean we do not complain, just to our own selves.
But back to the article of how HK people view oversea born Chinese and foreigners. The writer is a bit annoyed with how things are percieved over in HK. But a good read anyhow -

Posted by whykay at December 06, 2002 06:29 PM