December 03, 2002
We have it easy over here!

HK students are under so much pressure to do better in school, so they can get into University (not just any 3rd level colleges). I just hear from my cousins once in a while, and the pressure was immense. They have tutorials, mid-terms and summer schools. Trying to get in the top 10 of the class (or year). Only decimal points away from the next student fighting for the top grades. The A-levels is like the biggest event for all HK Chinese students every year. The rush for places then, now that is unheard of over here. The subjects and exams (and the amount of work) is much lower here. If the HK students are good at languages as they are in academic subjects, how are we going to compete with them?
But we have less school hours, longer summer holidays, and less homework. Why aren't more people going to Univeristy here then? But the following article just raises the point, that overseas Chinese are lucky to study here.
HK parents' mentality 'poses threat to youth job schemes'

Posted by whykay at December 03, 2002 09:12 PM