January 01, 2009

Energy ratings for properties that are for sale/rent

Great news for people who are looking to rent or buy a place. Owners need to assess their property on how energy efficient it is. More choice, and better sale/rent prices for us to choose from.

Saw this in breakingnews.ie.

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November 17, 2004

Landlords beware

Indo's article (free registration) that it's not enough that they buy and rent out property, if the property goes into disrepair will be sanctioned.

PROPERTY speculators who allow houses and apartments to fall into disrepair once rented out are to face sanctions under a radical overhaul of Dublin City Council's housing unit.

BTW, given I am a renter, I have no problems with our nice appartment. But I have been in far worse places.

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September 01, 2004

Being a renter..

...I'll have to remember this when I get a new lease. Don't pay new registration fee, tenants advised (free registration to read). But the gist of it, the the Residential Tenancies Act 2004 is coming into force today, and tenants might be asked to pay upward to €180 upfront by landlords. If this is the case, Threshold has advised tenants not to pay this fee on top of the deposit, and also seek legal advice. Landlords cannot get away from this as there will be a fine of €3,000 or six months in prison or both will be imposed on landlords who do not lodge a fee.

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