April 11, 2004

[Culture] Why did you not respond to my mail?!?

Every frantic manager would be asking. Not sure about folks out there in other companies, but emails can be very time consuming. What to ignore, did I miss out any emails that are really important... or the atitude of "if it's really important they will try and find you, ring you or mail you 50 million times!". heh.. been there, still doing that, unfortunately. Given the way our email obsessive culture of CC'ing god knows every alias out there, and I'm ended up being mailed 2 or more times whenever a mail is replied to... Argh.. Anyhoo, what started off my rant - IrishEyes's blog "Why people ignore mail". Heh, I am foolish enough to look at most of my mail.. my BF on the other hand, ignores mails sent to aliases. Many learnt that if they need him, mail him.. or better yet, just pick up the damn phone! ;)

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