July 20, 2003

[Culture] Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers

Wow, that was a good show at Collin's Barracks today. The drummers were having fun performing on a bright sunny day today (even though on of the acts was a call for rain!). The kids were having fun, expecially a young girl jumping to the beat and tempo of the drums. I loved the mega drum which was hit with a baseball bat, definately can do that with an image of my least favourite person as the drum!
Well, they have a site where you can check out their samples and video clips - www.mugenkyo.com
They have a dojo as well, but it is in England. Sounds fun, but a bit to travel to get there though! Well done, Collin's Barracks for bringing such a wonderful act to your "Lazy Sunday" event.

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