December 05, 2002

[Travel] Dublin City Transport

It's still atrocious as ever! This morning, 3 buses were scheduled to arrive in 30-40min, and guess what? No buses. Huh! There were plenty of buses leaving the city but all the buses that are coming in to the city, seem to turn off the the depot, and no buses were arriving to the stop at all! There was hardly any traffic, and I was tempted to walk. But you have the nagging feeling that when you are just across the road, the bus will come, it's the "just another 5 mins" thing, I suppose...

So, since I was waiting at Parkgate St. and was not having much luck (neither were the 20 odd people standing there as well), I thought, why not go to Hueston Station? So I got there, hopped on the 90 and off to the city I go. But was that slow. Why on earth would you have bus lanes if the buses are going to be stuck anyway! I just don't know how the public transport works here at all, ok, they are crap. And they are thinking of unifying the bus and rail (Dublin)!!! They can't even get the ticket machine to dispense tickets that are used the most : the 10 journey ticket. But that will be replaced by a 7 day ticket, same price, but not as flexible as the 10 journey. Argh...! Living in the big city, you would have thought that the amenities are so near by, that it is handy to get anywhere. NOT in Dublin.

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