March 26, 2008

Be careful now...


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August 05, 2003

CMs BBQ 2003

It's summer! Who can pass a nice summer without a good BBQ. Well, our Coffee Monkey friends are toasting marmallows as we speak...

As you can see Mick does not feel too well. He feels a tad bit on the weezy side after some minute food poisoning from some fast food restaurant and spent the next day (which was a BBQ day) feeling very sick...icky flashback...
And monkey just can't wait to roast his banana!


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April 07, 2003

See no evil....

...hear no evil....speak no evil...

Heh! All is still well with EoC. Nothing to worry about. :)


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March 20, 2003

One day in Monkey House

Kiffer was panicking/confused about EoC's projects. Things are falling to pieces!!! Not to worry folks, nothing like a meeting to solve things, especially when it comes down to "refactoring" code in their project. :) w00t!!!


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February 24, 2003

Recent Cold Snap

It was cold, so coold!

Brr.... I hate that big blue arrow, which is the cold wind.. And poor Monkey can see this Big Blue Arrow coming towards us literally! But seriously, we all need a nice holiday somewhere out of this country... aah...yes...Crete! Nice weather, and not Ireland! Heh... but for now, let's just wrap up warm.


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February 19, 2003

The demo went OK

Yay! After much hard work the demo was a success!

Mick was just like "No Sweat!". Ocean is still "Where am I?" stage, and Kiffer is just exhausted from his adrenaline rush... Well done, guys!


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February 10, 2003

Demo Day!!!

EoC's first demo day.

Not a problem for Mick. Ocean is a bit dazed, and doesn't know where and what is going on! And Kiffer is just a wee bit worried! How will the demo go for our 3 friends? Find out in the next strip...


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February 02, 2003

How EoC gets their ideas?

The secret....

... Monkey, of course! (Ok, Static Panda)


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January 29, 2003

Ocean with his big stein

Yes, I am back everyone! This strip shows Ocean with his huge stein, which we brought back with us as a pressie for him from my trip to Frankfurt.
One thing I want to stress on, there is no plot in this strip. Just strips of comics on experiences that I come across and find funny, so I decide to draw it and upload it here. :) It also helps me practise my drawing skills and intro to digital colouring.


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January 25, 2003


(mick here again)

Oisin likes to go swimming. So does monkey. Of course since the pool is in the city centre it isn't very big so Oisin occasionally hits his head. Monkey doesn't have those problems so he can swim as much as he wants.


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January 18, 2003


Mick here, just posting a new strip for Vicky. Sorry for the lack of comics Vicky is currently in the land of no bandwidth (the West).

Have no idea what this on is about, something about me and butterflies. I think its a very fetching smeg on me though :)


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December 01, 2002

Mick in Germany

Taking a break from hard work. The strip is a few months behind, but this was a snapshot of Mick while he is was in Frankfurt, Germany.


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November 29, 2002

Day 11 in the Monkey House

So this is how EoC Inc. gets their ideas...

...From monkey of course. Monkey ideas, the monkey madness. That is where the money lies....


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November 20, 2002

Day 10 in the Monkey House

I quite liked the movie "Spiderman", that is why the next strip (jolly fun!) is Kiffer laughing at poor Spidey! (Coffee Monkeys strip to Spidey...har-har)


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November 15, 2002

Day 9 in the Monkey House

This is Ocean with his monkey friend, Monkey, again!

They make a good partners in crime, eh? You can say that Monkey is also one of Ocean's consciences. Monkey helps with the organising, resolving programming problems etc... Basically, santa has his little helpers, Monkey is Ocean's little helper. :-p


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November 12, 2002

Day 8 in the Monkey House

So one of our budding entrepeneur is getting down to serious work...

...with the help of Monkey of course on their first of many projects! Of course, how can our monkey friend not encounter micro$oft probs. :-p


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November 09, 2002

Day 7 in the Monkey House

Ok, so this is not exactly "in the monkey house", but just like to keep the titles consistent (for now :) )!!!

Some days are happy for our young friends, but other days are... how shall I put it, a "bit" stressful. To show all you Coffee Monkey readers what I mean, here is "a monkey on Ocean's back"! And "a monkey on someone's back" if I understand right is someone under stress and/or pressure.


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November 06, 2002

Day 6 in the Monkey House

My, my. What are our 3 friends upto today?

Seems like they are having a teeny weeny problem with investments on their spreadsheet. This was around the time EoC wanted to open an internet cafe, and were putting down assets and expenses on a spreadsheet to see where they stand. And were they seeing red! Well, this was an initial action plan, but quickly flew out the window.


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November 04, 2002

Day 5 in the Monkey House

So here begins our 3 friend's journey to a new life of "MANAGEMENT" :) That is for taking the mickey out of me, "I am not a manager!!!" Anyhoo, back to the comic... And now Engines of Creation has been born.


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October 27, 2002

Day 4 in the Monkey House

Ok, so the last strip did not *really* make sense, and give an indication that they are embarking on a mission : To setup their own company. Well, this is really how things sort of got moving, my monkey friends... in the pub, as any good business ideas originates from.

A monkey puzzle, which of our three friends had the following drinks?
a) Guinness
b) Red Bull
c) Smirnoff Ice
Answers in next strip -- whykay


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October 24, 2002

Day 3 in the Monkey House

Suffering from dilerious sunstroke, 2 of our 3 friends were doing some unusual business conversation!
Yes, boys and girls, this is how our monkey friends start out on their adventures in setting up a company. How blindingly obvious! :)


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October 22, 2002

Day 2 in the Monkey House

This is the beginning of how 3 friends got together and decided to set up their own company. And the guys have kindly introduced themselves... Some of the stories are real (and some aren't), I will let you guess which ones... so here it goes, so let the adventure begin in the next strip!


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Day 1 in the Monkey House

Got some sort of web page to hold the Coffee Monkey web comic! It has taken me 2 months, so 1 Monkey day equals 2 human months! I am talking complete tripe here. But here is my first comic strip anyway. It's me. But the main stars are coming up next.


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