October 22, 2005

I'm back!

It has been awhile! But here is my first pic! Been messing with Alias and my big Wacom tablet.

My special guest is Mick! My fiancÚ. It has been that long, and I got engaged along the way!

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December 08, 2002

November Special Guest

This month's special guest of my brother.


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November 10, 2002

Special Guest

I will have special guest stars in Coffee Monkey once in awhile (whenever suits me) So who is this special guest?

The guy with the super ego aura is of course is one of Mick's friends. The one who can pick up any chick he can in, ahem, "Coyote". He who likes Eddie Rockets (also known as Empty your Pockets"). Say a nice "Hello!" to Neil.


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