June 15, 2003

Back in August - Open for requests

Ok... I am taking a breather from Coffee Monkeys (undesired effect of trying to maintain and do too many things at once.)
I will take ideas for Coffee Monkeys, just add a comment to this blog entry. I'll be updating my personal site, and trying to update my Irish Born Chinese site as well. Just my OU course work is sucking up my time, plus I am helping out a design on another site at the mo...
Chow for now.. back in 2 months!

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June 01, 2003

Apolagies (again)

Slightly barren month (months), but I will get back into uploading more strips when I get over my 1st course assignment!
Upcoming ideas:
- Marshmallows roasting/toasting competition
- Machines everywhere
- How many monkeys are there in Coffee Monkeys?
- iBook back and well (the final episode?)
- Special guest of the month

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