April 24, 2003

That's *Coffee*?

We all have our grouchy mornings... Weak coffee does not cut it with Mick as the following strip shows!!!


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April 18, 2003

Happy Easter from CMs

Ocean and Mick to wish all a Happy Easter


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April 17, 2003

ibook is unwell

Oh my, poor Panda... the Apple-lance came and went away with the iBook after a little accident...

...with a stein of orange juice. A machine down, but not out. EoC will carry on developing projects. :)
But it is such a rip-off... over 800 to get the thing fixed! And that is the once-off (excluding collect and deliver charge on top) price for fixing it, whether it was big or small. Boy, I wished I went into the Apple fixing side of things, earn more bucks that way! ;P


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April 07, 2003

See no evil....

...hear no evil....speak no evil...

Heh! All is still well with EoC. Nothing to worry about. :)


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What is coming up next...

Sorry for the lack of comics. I have stuff drawn and inked, but only only scanned but not coloured yet. Will get around to it this week.... watch this space!

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