July 28, 2010
Hong Kong season at the IFI (Dublin)

Just picked up a copy of IFI's programme for the month of August. As I was flicking through it, I was pleasantly surprised to see the Hong Kong Season will be on between August 3rd to 22nd. They even have McDull Kung Fu Ding Ding Dong for kids on Sunday (Aug 22nd).

August 3rd 18.30 Written By
August 4th 13.30, 18.30 Running Out of Time
August 5th 13.10, 18.20 Long Arm of the Law
August 7th 13.50 Storm Warriors
August 8th 13.40 Night and Fog
August 14th 14.00 Invisible Target
August 22nd 11.00 McDull Kung Fu Ding Ding Dong
Posted by whykay at July 28, 2010 05:35 PM