November 12, 2009
10 things about my trip to HK
  1. The weather, definitely not Irish weather anymore, it's the mid-20s and sunny, so I am wearing tees everyday.
  2. You know you are in HK because of the cheap and yummy food.
  3. I hear Cantonese (and some English) everywhere instead of Mandarin and English.
  4. For some reason, Starbucks has sprung up everywhere, not much fun hunting for them anymore.
  5. The prices of video games are half the price of the cheapest retailers at home.
  6. It's still super-clean everywhere in HK. Handles, lift buttons, etc. are cleaned every couple of hours.
  7. Lighting joss sticks at my ancensters table at home.
  8. Old people doing Tai Chi early in the morning.
  9. The haziness when you look out of the window, and even more noticeable when you look across the harbour at Tsim Sha Tsui. (It's worse in Beijing, we cannot even see across the street!)
  10. Getting bitten by mozzies in November, now that's just wrong.
Posted by whykay at November 12, 2009 09:52 AM