October 22, 2009
Proposed changes to child benefit for foreign nationals

Aside from reduction of child benefit of foreign nationals, to help reduce fraud, the Social and Family Affairs Oireachtas Committee proposes:-

  • A crackdown on separated fathers who do not pay child maintenance for their children. This would include ensuring a father’s name is registered on a child’s birth certificate – which is not mandatory at present – to help recovery of maintenance payments.
  • A mandatory national ID card with biometric information for all citizens – similar to those other EU states – to help tackle identity fraud.
  • Implementing long-standing plans to reform the lone parents allowance which would axe the “cohabitation rule” that recipients must not be living with a partner.
  • More frequent monitoring of welfare schemes that are most susceptible to fraud, including the jobseekers’ allowance and lone-parent payments.
  • More unannounced home visits to social welfare claimants to help tackle fraud.


(Source: The Irish Times)

Posted by whykay at October 22, 2009 09:45 AM