September 09, 2009
Rush to get married on 9/9/2009

Extremely lucky to have so many 9s on the date of your wedding, for most Chinese anyway. Yes, 8 is a lucky number, mostly to do with getting rich. 9 is more auspicious number for forever, hence the nine courses in a typical Chinese wedding. It can be upto ten dishes, as that number is a perfect number. I just came across this Beeb article about the rush of couples getting married on 9th September this year (i.e. today).

In Beijing, the marriage reservation system has notched up a gear: "Normally it takes 10 minutes to handle the whole procedure, but we have set-up this reservation system, so now it takes only three minutes.", said marriage official Zhang Weiwei.

As I mentioned that 10 is an auspicious number, so 10/10/2010 maybe a busy time as well (as mentioned in the article).

(Source: BBC News online)

Posted by whykay at September 09, 2009 02:43 PM