April 25, 2009
Our national schools worries

With cuts in language support, more awareness is being roused by the media on the concerns of children being left behind, and the government is letting some of our future generation down. 10% of our primary school children were born overseas, that's 44,000 from the article. It keeps using an example from Dublin 15, which is worrying for me, as I'll be settling in Dublin 15 for at least a decade, even though the example is more north-west from where will be settling down. I've read some issues raised by Joan Burton to a school nearby, from crisis of school places in D15 and worries of ghetto schools to a school nearby that won't be open due to low enrollment of pupils.

Even if I start thinking of sending kids to private schools, those school fees would go up due to the budget cuts (more here). It's not going to be easy, is it?

More info:-

* Irish Independent's full data on the ethnic divide
* Scoil Oisin

Posted by whykay at April 25, 2009 10:36 AM