February 28, 2009
Different generation of restauranteurs

Being following Sweet Mandarin on Twitter for a bit now. It's really interesting how Lisa Tse is promoting Chinese cooking and the restaurant (also of same name). She just had a twitter event of teaching people to cook today via Twitter. What a refreshing approach.

Here's an interview with Lisa Tse and using Twitter for her business.

The new generation seems to employ hard work (as always) and fun also. I hope to see more of that around, but it seems this new age of second generation restauranteurs are integrating and embracing technology in their business workflow, and it is working so far for them. Imagine, tweeting your order, or booking a table via your iPhone. Handy, ain't it. It's just a great feeling to see and hear success stories like this which includes catering services with new technologies. Both which crosses over my history and what I currently do. By the way, I'm not a restauranteur, my parents and my brother are. I'm a tecchie geek through and through, but was brought up amidst the hustle and bustle of the kitchen and floor of the restaurant. Aah, the memories, but let's look to the future. Great job, Sweet Mandarin! \\( *v^ )//

Posted by whykay at February 28, 2009 03:59 PM