February 27, 2009
An English visitor's experience

All the dire news everywhere in the local media, last I want to see is another person talking about local Irish driving up North for their shopping. And yet, here it is. Everyone is affected in the town he went to, Castleblaney. They even dropped into a Chinese and to their dismay, same story, no customers.

In Castleblaney's Chinese restaurant – again, empty apart from us – the poor waitress looked distraught when we declined starters and a second portion of rice, and said no to dessert. We were then treated to yet another long and unsolicited rant about the "------- euro".

Now, Ireland needs something positive. Obama rallied a great speech, we need Cowen to do something like that. Everyone is affected, for sure, but we need to pull together and get through this like in 1987. We should treat this as a legacy for our children and their children, that we did do something instead of being cynical of our government, blaming and finger-pointing, and hold strikes left, right and centre.

Posted by whykay at February 27, 2009 04:32 PM