December 22, 2008
Shannon-Heathrow flights to resume as early as March

That's what I heard from Newstalk this morning. I did a quick search, not many news sites picked up on it yet, as the official announcement won't be made till later today according to The Irish Examiner.

There will be 2 daily flights between Shannon and Heathrow. Great news for my family who lives quite near to the airport and use to fly to Heathrow for their connection flight to Hong Kong.

It'll be great news for businesses (who are left) in the mid-west who were badly hit with the cancellation of the service.

Update: Indo - London calling as Aer Lingus prepares for Shannon U-turn

Update: Indo breaking news - Aer Lingus to resume Shannon-Heathrow flights

Posted by whykay at December 22, 2008 11:10 AM