October 12, 2008
Two very different experiences of HK

Found two articles, one is about a guy who is overseas and bringing his wife who is not Chinese to Hong Kong, and experiencing what it's like to be in a tourist's shoes. What is wierd is that some of his experiences with family dinners, feeling of what to do because you end up being the "expert", etc. is so similar to mine (aside from going to Chungking Mansions that is).

Just check it out: Hong Kong, second-home for traveler

Another article is by an ex-pat, who's living in HK now for four years. Her experiences of finding a place to live (pricey and where many expats live), partying, looking fashionable, etc. is an interesting read. Such a different lifestyle, and interesting to read, albeit, not my cup-of-tea.

Check it out: Letter from Happy Valley, Hong Kong

Posted by whykay at October 12, 2008 11:30 AM