August 07, 2008
Is it just me...

I've been so busy with my final project work, I have not being paying much attention to the Olympics like before.

I am getting a bit irked by some stuff in the news with people taking pot shots at China around this big event. It's not suppose to be a political event, is it? People are always spoiling events. Let the atheletes compete, the only thing about that though, I wished there was a non-drugged athelete competition. I'm pretty sure all the atheletes there have some sort of drug or another to take advantage of the competition. Apart from being busy, I think I miss watching it with my father, it's something I won't be able to do ever again. Maybe that is partly why I don't really read up on the Olympics each day. So the countdown to the 08/08/2008 in Beijing. I hope everything goes well for China and all atheletes who are attending this big event.

Posted by whykay at August 07, 2008 06:12 PM