July 16, 2008
In the news

So there was an article about the Asian businesses in the north side of the city, and from my interview with SCMP, I mentioned there was no Chinatown in Dublin. Well, some establishments want to have some sort of gateway for a Chinatown.

Business owners on Parnell Street have petitioned Dublin City Council to let them turn the area into an "official Chinatown" by building a giant archway, flanked by golden dragons, at the entrance to Parnell Street. If the council agrees to the project, it will be a real sign of just how diverse Ireland has become in a relatively short period of time. [...]

I wished it appeared sooner than the 12th (since the column IBC was featured in was the 13th July).

In the Indo, amusing tidbit about China cracking down on streaking and the f-word. Only in China, "Spectators House Rules"... it's not going to be easy. You cannot just change people habits just like that, it'll take time. I sure hope they have enough western loos there, I hate squat loos.

Posted by whykay at July 16, 2008 12:55 AM