June 27, 2008
Turbulence is not small thing

All those flights I've been on, when turbulence hits the plane (worst I've been through has to be from Cairns to Tokyo when we were crossing the equator at the end of January in my last leg of our honeymoon. Just saw this news article about turbulence hitting a Cathay Pacific flight and a few people got injured. That's a big EEP for me. I tend to hold on to my hubby's hand real tight and I feels like I was about to rip up the armrest, I was tense. I'm sure many feel that way as well when the plane sort of drops a few feet when the plane is rumbling and shaking.... okay, better stop before I scare myself silly and not get on the plane.

Posted by whykay at June 27, 2008 11:53 PM