July 23, 2007
Expats securing school places and HKU snub

I'm just wondering, why can't the the expats just send their kids to the normal schools instead of having so much problems with school places shortages at the International schools. I suppose most of these expats and people who are returning to HK feel that they have to give their kids the best school. Snobbery, yeah. But I suppose when I have kids, I want them to go the best school we could afford (*hint hint, my hubby's school.. heehee). But most expats are business people, and status is everything, even more so in HK.

But on the other hand, HKU was snubbed by a top student and chose Peking University, even though she was offered $560,000 scholarship.

Posted by whykay at July 23, 2007 09:34 PM