March 20, 2007
HK$1000 Fake Notes

For those who saw the TVB news on TVB Europe over the weekend, there are alot of concerns about forged HK$1000, and that no-one as able to tell the difference. So many folks are not talking large amounts from the ATMs. Shops will not take HK1000.

The authority said the recent counterfeiting problem is restricted to HSBC $1,000 banknotes issued in 2000 and 2002. Bank staff will be trained to check for the high-quality forgeries. Advice will also be given to the publi

So the ones from 2003 are fine.

Small ripples in the news world:
* HK officials react to forged banknotes
* HKMA not recalling notes as amount is too small

But if anyone is still unsure, from the official press release from the HK Monetary Association says that people can exchange notes they have with the banks.

Posted by whykay at March 20, 2007 02:18 PM