March 04, 2007
Octopus mysterious deductions / Departed Japanese? / Cleaning frenzy

Octopus smartcards have been deducting money from more than 500 card users who use machines to add credit to their cards. Whoops, no-one knows why, but how do you know it's your card, since the card is no way linked to the person carrying it, it's just e-cash. Hope they solve this little problem. It's a shame that something like this can discourage people to use this handy system of paying for public transport, food, parking etc.

And it's funny that Big White Guy picked up that Departed was mentioned as based on a Japanese movie on TV at the oscars! I did not think it was that good, the backdrop for The Departed just could not compare to Hong Kong! And it was not subtle. I did not even watch the end of The Departed, mainly 'cause I was on the plane, and couldn't be bothered (and I was tired).

Japanese people have gone into a cleaning frenzy.

Fortune-tellers are now advising those who want to succeed in life to start by scrubbing the smallest room.

Posted by whykay at March 04, 2007 12:35 AM