February 17, 2007
Chinese New Year 2007

Seems like the Chinese New Year market has gone ahead. I have not seen or heard much about it, since I only got back from Tokyo last night, and I'm down in Limerick to be with family for CNY.

While I was in Sydney (one of the cities on my honeymoon trip), I came across their big CNY festival. I got hold of their brochure and free postcard. I doubt our future events will be as big as theirs, since our local Chinese population is so small. Just looking around Sydney, you see Chinese realtors, their Chinatown, so much Asian business there.

Since this will be my first CNY as a married woman, it will be my first time handing out Lai Sees. My brother Wil has already said "Sun leen fai lok, lai see dau loi!", this means... "Happy new year, hand me the lai see!". Well, it's not officially New Year, so I did not given him any. >-<

Anyhoo, wishing you all a happy, healthy and a prosperous new year.

Posted by whykay at February 17, 2007 12:02 AM