January 07, 2007
Instant noodle creator dies

My fiancé pointed it out to me yesterday, the instant noodle creator died. My little brother loves the cup noodles.

Many a time instant noodles was our dinner when we don't have time to cook, this is not now, this was back years ago. Of course we don't just eat one brand all the time, we try many. I cannot remember all the names, but I think one of them is "Yat Ding", the one with a picture of a cartoon boy. Now you have instant rice noodles, macoroni etc...

What to do without them on those last nights after coming home late from work.

A fun read : http://www.dimsum.co.uk/food/confessions-of-a-noodle-freak.html

Check out this comic.

Posted by whykay at January 07, 2007 02:27 PM