December 30, 2006
Smoking ban in HK - Jan 07

Yay! Smoking ban from Jan 2007 onwards in HK. Although there are alot of unhappy punters on this happening at all, it's brill news for me, since I am so use to going to restaurants, cafes and pubs that are smoke-free. I also saw in the Chinese news that the old folks get to smoke while they play Chinese chess. But the so-called diehards will just get use to it, sure, the Irish are doing fine now. Even smoking in the nice Irish winters outdoors is not that much of an issue anymore. Pubs, cafes and restaurants just improvise with canopies, space heaters, tv screens with the footie on. Heh. So, only time will tell.

Posted by whykay at December 30, 2006 04:28 PM