December 28, 2006
Brace for the big tidal wave of Chinese Tourists

Well, if they are interested in coming to your country, of course. That is why many countries are pitching themselves to the next wave upon wave of Chinese tourists at the Shanghai Convention Centre. On top of that, there is a book on showing how as a Chinese tourist, how to behave in a civil manner. Heh. It's all here.
The boorish behaviour will not disappear overnight, but hopefully it will. I do get mortified when I witness a Mainland Chinese person loudly clearing one's throat and spit on the groud. Eurgh!

On other news..., The China Rose Wedding is coming to Ireland. It's 40 couples who will tie the knot in one ceremony, and honeymoon in Dublin and the west of Ireland in Nov 2007. Cannot find anymore details on this, probably more will pop up when the time is nearer, unless they are all in Chinese.

Posted by whykay at December 28, 2006 05:16 PM