December 16, 2006
Cantonese slang

Just read an entry from BigWhiteGuy about the secret of Cantonese. And it was interesting reading about his experience. And I have told people that Cantonese is full of slang, apart from newsreaders, who use proper and more formal spoken Cantonese.

I remembered that it was kind of strange at first to watch Chinese drama (which is normally Chinese subtitled), and find that what they are speaking in Cantonese is completely different to the subititles. Even if it is period drama, although period drama is a little closer to the subtitles. I found this unusual when I first learnt written Chinese, that words written are so different to spoken Cantonese. It was hard to get my head around it. It sounded strange when it is read out. But I young back then, and never thought too much about it. I was just use to it. Sometimes it is annoying to watch TVB news, and you hear the words, but when strung together, you get lost in the translation. But given that it's on tv, I was able to guess what was being said anyway, just the details are missing here and there (ok, a little more than here and there. (;>-< ) )

I wonder how other overseas born Chinese feel about this? Discuss at IBC forum.

Posted by whykay at December 16, 2006 05:48 PM