December 04, 2006
Mysterious meat, wet nurses and racial discrimination

NY track down mysterious meats. From live frogs from unknown regions to bush meat. Mad isn't it? EU has stricter regulations on imports like this, so we should not have worries like foods of unknown origin. But no matter what ethnic group it is, they are always using the excuse of not understanding English. It must be frustrating for authorities, but I suppose when you are guilty of something, it's the easiest excuse one can use.

Another strange news I came across today was China's new super-rich must have, a wet nurse.
(more information on wet nurses). Hiring someone to breastfeed your own baby. I don't agree with it at all, that baby's bond with the mother is missing, and it's not natural.

And finally, Hong Kong's proposed laws on racial discrimination to help protect Hong Kong's ethnic minority. Crazy to think that a multi-cultural city like that still has racial discimination.

Posted by whykay at December 04, 2006 08:23 PM