November 29, 2006
See, Oolong is good for you

Ok, it's not that hard to believe from an Asian person point of view, but Oolong tea helps digestion, it absorbs greasiness. That is why there is a recent Chinese saying (from a drama Stephen Chow starred in a long time ago) "飲杯茶,食個包 (Yum bui cha, sik gaw bau)" → "Drink a cup of tea, and eat a bun".

The Japanese were fanatic over Oolong tea with its link to weight loss, that they would pay anything for it.

But scientists have found a way to produce a soft drink to accompany fastfoods, that will help absorb fat!

It works by using natural ingredients such as oats and Chinese Oolong tea which can help to assimilate fat and cholesterol in food and prevent them being metabolised in the body, said Dr Jorge Oliviera of UCC who helped develop it.

But I don't think I like the idea of eat anything you want, this soft drink will absorb the fat, even though it contains Ooolong.

Everything in moderation is always good. All things that tastes so good are mainly bad for you. It's nature's warning. But self control is hard for most people, I suppose.

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Posted by whykay at November 29, 2006 04:57 PM